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Our gift boutique has a unique collection of aromatic essential oils, herbal teas & blends, tea wares, jewelry, handbags and more! This is where you'll find gifts that inspire your senses and make you smile.

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Fashion:  The BOHO Look

Fashion: The BOHO Look

Guess what, we’re still growing and I’m super excited to announce the addition of a Flirty Bug BOHO collection!  We’ve already started adding BOHO dresses, make sure you check them out!  

Flirty Bug Now Featuring ALEX AND ANI!

Flirty Bug Now Featuring ALEX AND ANI!

We are thrilled to announce that Flirty Bug is now an ALEX AND ANI Affiliate.  This means we will be able to feature Alex and Ani products at our store! 

Afternoon Tea! A Historic Tradition

Afternoon Tea! A Historic Tradition

When I was a little girl my best friend Mary and I would play dress up and have a ‘propah english tea pahty’.  For hours we would drink tea (warm water) from our cracked Hollie Hobby tea cups speaking with our terribly posh accents...